Become a Thought Leader

Thought leaders radically change or propel innovation in their industry. They don’t just lead the way, they change the path entirely. Here at DPOE, leadership through innovation is the core of our company. Nothing great ever happened without change!

file3401277761414If you’re ready to stand out as a thought leader, try these things to propel your thought leadership to the next level.

Create a strong online presence. Start a blog like this one! Contribute to social media forums and keep your customers informed of what is going on in your company. Write columns for trade publications. Or, host a video blog – Gary Vaynerchuk did this with Wine Library TV made himself know as an expert wine critic.

Start talking. Publicly, that is. Give speeches at your local Rotary Club or Chamber of Commerce, then work your way up to trade conferences and national events. Our CEO, Chip Miceli, travels to various technology conferences as a panel guest and expert in our industry! Public speaking is a great way to get your face, your name, and your ideas out there.

Take risks, and be right about them. Thought leaders are often criticized early on for their radical ideas, but then get the last laugh when their gambles pay off. Steve Jobs was told his inventive products and ideas wouldn’t succeed, but his risks paid off big.

The Death of Window’s XP

Death of XPToday is a day to remember.  

It is the day Microsoft discontinues all support of the Windows XP operating system and
Microsoft Office 2003 software. No more security updates, no more patches, but infinitely more risk.

Old ComputerSystems continuing to run these outdated systems, particularly XP, can easily be infected by vicious malware and viruses from the internet, or attached devices like USB thumb-drives. As recent events show, even secure databases can be at risk from hackers. Leaving your computer completely undefended will be disastrous to your business.

Did you know that 29% of all PCs and over 420,000 ATM’s in the United States are still running XP? Every single one of those devices will face potentially catastrophic security and compliance risks once security updates go away. Even antivirus won’t keep you secure.

How to Protect Yourself and Your Company:

  • Upgrade now to an operating system newer than Windows XP, such as Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  • Make any necessary hardware upgrades to accommodate a new operating system.
  • Make sure you upgrade both personal and business computers.
  • Ensure your business applications are able to run safely and securely on your new operating system.

New ComputerThere is still time to act before it’s too late . Contact your company’s IT department for help, or get in touch with our experts! Don’t be non-compliant; upgrade today.

DPOE can help you safeguard yourself and your company.

Call us today!

A Piece of the Puzzle

Happy World Autism Awareness Day!  autism-puzzleToday, April 2nd, is World Autism Day, a day devoted to spreading awareness and knowledge about Autism. Today we wanted to take a moment to discuss this condition which is very dear to us.

IamMoreThanAutism1What is Autism? Autism, also called the Autism Spectrum or Pervasive Developmental Disorder, is a disease that affects brain development issues. The condition becomes detectable in children typically between the ages of 2 and 3, displaying symptoms such as issues with pretend play, social interactions, and verbal/nonverbal communication. Those with Autism also tend to be sensitive to excessive external stimuli such as loud noises, strong smells, and rough textures, becoming overstimulated and overwhelmed.

Each case  of Autism is as unique as the individual diagnosed. How an individual is diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum describes to what extent Autism will affect their daily life and interactions. The cause of these developmental issues is still unknown, making the critical need for Autism awareness and research so vitally important. Currently, 1 in 68 people in the United States have been diagnosed with Autism, with a rapidly climbing rate.

915982This is where you come in. Today is World Autism Awareness Day, and a few seconds of your time can make the world of difference to those  with Autism. Take a moment to Light It Up Blue! Rock some blue on your outfit, change your social media profile picture with a blue filter from Twibbon, or make a donation. We personally recommend Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago’s Therapeutic School and Center for Autism Research. Take a moment to donate and support their three amazing schools in the Northern Illinois area. 

One moment on one day, that’s all it takes. Support Autism Awareness Today!

Check out our homepage as we light it up blue for the whole month of April!