Commercial Printing Forecasts Positive – Shipments on the Rise

Keeping an eye on commercial printing will help associated industries plan for the future. There are a variety of industries that are strongly connected to commercial printing. Those who operate businesses related to materials supply or managed services are all connected. The resources used for printing activities are industries within themselves. According to, rose from May to June more than 4.2%.

Shipment revenues increased from $111M to $252M from 2013 to 2014. Employment related to this industry remains strong, as well. Advertising and public relations are two of the top fields that require print activities. The resources required to provide these activities are important. Here are some of the common resources needed for printing:

  • Paper
  • Ink
  • Toner
  • Storage

Businesses and entrepreneurs investing in commercial print are affected by the prices of these resources. The overall forecast for commercial print resources is bright and will present opportunities for businesses of various sizes in this industry. Let’s take a look at some of the popular print activities that can benefit your business.

Managing Documents

Documents management serves to provide you with two important options. One of these is being able to store large files for your business and your clients. The other option is being able to offer secure storage to clients. This security means that files and documents are stored electronically. It is possible to limit document access, which is another level of security. Printing these materials requires having all of the resources that you need for quality products.

Print Files Remotely

Sales focused companies employ staffs that are frequently on the road. Due to business travel, they are unable to access office materials and files. Documents management allows you to print files from a remote location. Chain printer providers are one option for getting your files. You may also utilize managed services for your print needs.

Commercial printing is done for a variety of businesses. Advertising and marketing campaigns require this activity. Materials used for these events are printed on paper products of different shapes and sizes. The U. S. alone is, according to is responsible for the consumption of 30% of the world’s paper products. These products are shipped from destinations around the world. Their availability will impact your business and the prices you will pay for resources.


Use Managed Print Services to Handle Large Projects

There will always be small print projects to do in your business office. These are activities that have to do with single copies or daily operations. Although these seem like simple print jobs, they can take up a lot of time and resources. According for, the average office worker prints an average of 10,000 sheets of paper annually. This number increases significantly when you have multiple workers. Managed print services offer businesses the chance to reduce their expenses on print resources.

These are also services that can be used to handle large projects. Large projects require more materials and time to produce. Outsourcing this work through managed services saves time and money. Instead of reallocating your budget for these projects, you can spend only what you need for them. You will not have to use your staff’s skills to perform printing tasks, either. The experts who provide managed services work efficiently to deliver materials that are professionally made.

Monthly Business Meetings

Monthly meetings may have attendees that are not your regular employees. There may be people from various industries at these meetings, depending on their topic or subject matter. These are events that discuss important issues and require these printed materials:

  • Reports
  • Charts
  • Financials
  • Contracts

Managed print services will ensure that the materials that you need are available for meetings. They can be used to make good impressions on current and potential clients.

Annual Conferences

Annual conferences often include different branches of your company. They may focus on specific topics and issues. Printed materials are required for these events, whether they include sales or advertising activities. Trade shows connected to conferences present opportunities for selling products and services. Managed print services can be used to prepare for these events.

Preparing for large print projects takes planning. Printing these materials onsite can stretch your budget unnecessarily. You can plan for expenses related to large projects. Advanced preparations ensure that your materials are available for meetings and conferences. It is possible to tailor printed materials to include graphics, color imagine and other details. You can personalize these materials so that they advertise for your company and products.

Store Large Amounts of Data Offsite – Documents Management

Businesses that generate a lot of documents have to worry about storage. Traditional storage methods required office space specifically for this activity. More contemporary answers to this problem include documents management services. It is possible to use these services to store large amounts of data. Companies that provide managed services utilize storage software that is needed for large capacities.

Some businesses require storage for not only their clients. They must have storage for their own resources, such as, HR data. You will be able to keep track of sensitive documents for your clients. This is a measure of security to build your reputation. Access is another consideration when it comes to storage. Data stored in your office setting may be viewed by any employee. Documents management helps you to monitor access.

Tracking Documents

Tracking documents is another way to keep them secure. You will be able to see who has viewed which documents. Documents management allows business owners to budget for print needs. Here are some other benefits to tracking activities:

  • Limiting Access
  • Monitor Access
  • Improving Workflow
  • Organized Storage

On a yearly basis, it is possible to spend a significant amount of your profits on print activities. Methods of tracking documents can prevent you from overspending on resources. It is also possible to increase productivity.

Printing Documents

Print activities are done daily by most businesses. Documents management will allow you to print only the materials that you require. Meetings, conferences and presentations are some of the events that these materials are used. Advertising and marketing campaigns are used to introduce products and services to the public. Managed services are instrumental when it comes to making your business more efficient.

There are many benefits related to documents management. Saving time and money are two of the biggest of these. Applying employees’ expertise to print projects is not the best allocation of your resources. Businesses save on things like print resources by using documents management. You will not have to purchase things like paper, ink or filing cabinets. Storing documents electronically helps you to use your office space in a more efficient way.