What’s new in the industry? (Part 2 of 2)

Getting out from under the dark cloud

Many of us have heard the term, “the cloud.” But do you really know what it means? And if you do, do you really know how to utilize it? “The cloud,” is simply a location where you can store your data, whether it is spreadsheets, PDFs, photos, documents and more, in a secure place off-site. But is it right for your company?

Many of us place a little too much trust in our computers, thinking that because it is new or state-of-the-art it is unable to fail us or lose our data. However when a power surge hits, a virus gets into a system or a storm destroys a building, your computer may be defenseless. This is when you realize that storing your company’s files and confidential data locally was a bad idea. 93% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more due to a disaster, filed for bankruptcy within one year. With that said, many companies rely on backing up their data into a secure off-site location, which DPOE can provide you.

Not only will your data be safe and secure when you use DPOE as your cloud provider, you also have the ability to become more mobile. Storing data traditionally on a local computer means you have to be at that desk to access what you need. In today’s day and age you probably need that information when you are out meeting with clients or working remotely at a different location. The cloud provides you with that ability. But you don’t have to worry about security. Only the right security and administration clearance allows access to that data.

If you would like more information on cloud computing or any other product/service that DPOE offers, please visit us at http://www.dpoe.com or call us at 847-879-6400.


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